December 2, 2023  

New Bill Introduced: EMS Reimbursement for On-scene Care and Support Act

If the EMS ROCS bill is approved, it would amend Title XVIII of the Social Security Act. This would allow Ambulance services to be reimbursed by Medicare for services provided on-scene, regardless of whether a transport takes place or not. NAEMT is working with leaders in Congress and national EMS and Fire organizations to have this legislation advanced toward passage.

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November 7, 2023  

U.S. Senate Passes Amendment on VA Reimbursement for Ambulance Services

The U.S. Senate passed the FY2024 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Act (MilCon-VA). This legislation includes an amendment that aims to protect veterans’ access to emergency transportation and ambulance services by blocking a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) policy that would reduce reimbursement rates for emergency ambulance services.

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September 20, 2023  

Elevos' ePCRIV is NEMSIS 3.5 Certified Nationwide!

We’re thrilled to announce that Elevos’s ePCRIV software has received its nationwide NEMSIS 3.5 Certification! With this certification, our software ensures seamless data exchange and compliance with the latest NEMSIS standards, further enhancing the quality of care and patient outcomes. Elevos remains dedicated to supporting the vital work of EMS professionals and first responders through our innovative technology.

Elevos' ePCRIV software is NEMSIS 3.5 compliant.

September 13, 2023  

Legal Advantage Newsletter

In our September issue, we will discuss issues around billing for ALS-level emergencies and the documentation you need to have to support those claims. Additionally, we answer the question, “What is an “ALS” Ambulance Service?” It is an important distinction, because “up-coding” to ALS is the one ambulance coding issue that is currently on the OIG’s Work Plan, and is therefore currently the most likely code to be audited.

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August 24, 2023  

ePCRIV Press Release

Elevos is proud to announce the release of our latest and most powerful ePCR platform, ePCRIV. Read the full press release regarding our ePCRIV here!

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August 1, 2023  

EMS Budget Planning Tips for County Managers

Efficient budget management is essential for delivering the highest quality patient care while ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of your organization. In this article, we will provide a primer on EMS budget planning, equipping you with knowledge and tools to transform the way you care for your community while fortifying your organization’s financial health.

September 24, 2020  

Our name has changed—not our commitment to providing unsurpassed revenue cycle management services

All of us here are excited to announce our biggest news of the year—our name change! That’s right, we’ve made the switch from EMS Consultants to Elevos. Why? Because it’s the right time to adopt a name that more accurately represents our company’s mission of elevating patient care—and that name is Elevos.

A photograph of a company hiring new employees, representing company growth.

June 29, 2020  

COVID-19 specific fields now available in our ePCR solution

The Elevos development team has created specific fields within our ePCR application, in accordance with the NEMSIS recommendations, to assist you with tracking the COVID-19 related contact. The new fields are located in the custom data element of the solution. The fields describe travel and exposure.

March 28, 2020  

CMS announces expansion of its accelerated and advanced payment program for ambulance services to support COVID-19 response

CMS has announced an expansion of its accelerated and advanced payment program for ambulance services to ensure they have the necessary resources to combat the COVID-19 virus. CMS is working to lessen the financial hardships of providers facing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensures the nations’ providers can focus on patient care.

A picture of the Coronavirus.

January 31, 2020  

EMS Consultants Announces the Retirement of Rick Tibbetts, New CEO Appointment and Strategic Equity Partnership

EMS Consultants, a leader in EMS software and ambulance medical billing services, announced today the retirement of Rick Tibbetts with the appointment of Roby Sanchez as CEO and a strategic equity partnership. As founder and CEO of EMS Consultants, Mr. Tibbets has worked tirelessly over the past 32 years as a pioneer and innovator serving the EMS billing industry. Rick is looking forward to a well-deserved retirement.