Documentation is an integral part of taking care of the whole patient. Focusing solely on clinical care and not on the documentation of that care, can result in deficient care. Why? Because once a patient is delivered to their destination, the quality of care that they receive hinges on the quality of their patient care report (PCR). Documentation is also critical to being sure your agency is reimbursed for services. Elevos’ cutting-edge, feature-packed EHR software is designed to streamline the process of generating clear, accurate, shareable PCRs.


NEMSIS v3.5 And v3.4 Compliant
HIPAA Secure Data Hosting
Built-in Analytics
Patient Lookup
Device Connectivity
Specialty Patient Forms
QA/QI Reviews
Quick Speak
Patient Portal and Education
Automated Software Updates
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Roby Sanchez

CEO, Elevos

“Our implementation of the Elevos EHR solution, HIPAA, acknowledgement of services, crew signatures, notice of privacy policy, and customizing of forms that are captured electronically results in a more efficient billing process and a much higher collection rate”


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Maximize Revenue Recovery

Improve the quality of your data collection. Better billing data drives maximum revenue recovery.

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Document Anywhere

Document patient care from anywhere with both online and offline capabilities. Information is accessible from any browser at any time.

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Improve Patient Care

Seamless two-way communication allows a hospital to access your PCR directly from an electronic health record, and your agency to access the hospital’s records as needed.