Patient care is complicated. Your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software shouldn’t be. Elevos understands that providing quality service to patients is your number one priority, that’s why delivering a user-friendly application that maximizes your reimbursement is our primary goal.

Elevos’ RCM software is built specifically around the needs of EMS providers to improve efficiencies within the billing process and your billing department. With a straightforward presentation of claims and a simplified process for submitting reimbursements to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance providers, you’ll get paid faster and fuller.


A tablet showing a preview of Elevos' ePCR software. The tablet is on the agency tab, shows completed/rejected PCRS and user messages, and shows dashboard previews.
  • Quick Button Feature offers easy access to screens from the home page
  • Integrates directly with Elevos’ EHR/ePCR solution
  • Multiple fee schedules can be configured for invoice purposes
  • Agency-specific roles and permissions for users
  • Customized forms and defaults
  • 5010 tested and compliant
  • 60+ standard stock reports and ability to create customized reports as needed
Quotation marks

David Barrett, PhD

CTO, Elevos

“Elevos’ RCM solution provides users with a simpler more straightforward presentation of claims. With all pertinent patient, invoice, and payment information within one central location, submissions to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance providers happen faster and result in accelerated cashflows.”


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Mitigate the common gaps that contribute to revenue loss throughout the transport billing process.

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Increase Efficiency

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Improve Patient Care

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